by Eddie Lott

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Escapism. Impulsiveness. Aimlessness. Restlessness. Wanderlust. Open (West Texico!) highways. Late-night desert runs. Inner-demon battling. Soulmates (& attempted soulmate exorcisms). Oh my!

Did it all really even happen, or was i just lost (in my own mind (again))...

Funded via Kickstarter in 2014, BIOMWS is my (super-overdue/ultra-dramatic) full-length non-iPhone debut as a solo artist. It's a collage of material - curated from dozens of previously unreleased songs written during the same period - that collectively narrate a time in my life when things changed for/around/inside me super-quickly & I struggled (& escaped!) to keep up.

I couldn't have found a better collaborator for my debut studio LP than producer Bryan Ray (aka Lonely Child), and the musicians on the record (several of whom I get to perform with locally here in North Texas!) were just amazing. Together, I feel like we were able to get to the bottom of these songs & bring out colors & vibes that I could never, ever have done on my own (presumably with an iPhone :D ).

I hope u dig it! I hope it speaks to u somehow. That would be epic. Happy travels. E


released October 27, 2015

All songs written by Eddie Lott. Produced by Bryan Ray (aka Lonely Child). Engineered by Nick Joswick & Bryan Ray. Assisted by Joey Oaxaca. Mixed by Bryan Ray, with additional mixing by Nick Joswick. Mastered by Reuben Cohen. Album art & design by John Reynolds (aka Celebranoid). Recorded at Cacophony Recorders, Casa de la Ronjo, Toy Car Studios, and Studio B (all in Austin, TX) and Eddie's house (in the (one-and-only!) Rowlett, TX).

Kyle Robarge played bass. Dorian Colbert played drums. Hillary Early played the pedal steel. Ben Katzen played cello. Sara Houser sang. Ryan Fitzgerald played electric guitar on "Out Back (Again)". Bryan Ray played piano on "Just Runnin", electric guitar on "Walk My Trail", Fender Rhodes on "Those Nights (When It's Always Night)", and percussion. Eddie Lott played acoustic guitar and sang. The end. :)



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Eddie Lott Rowlett, Texas

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Track Name: old fighter's song
they're tryin to take me
and swallow me whole
my country friends my family
my body mind and soul

they've almost won
i'm almost gone
oh, i'm growin so old from fightin so long
i just wanna find myself a home

twenty-six years in this place
you think i'd stick but you'd be wrong
i got a cowboy hat on and my own southern drawl but
somethin says i don't belong

i think i gave it my best
i gave it my all
oh, i can't seem to shake the moves of this place
i just hope it's not my time to fall

i just hope it's not my time
Track Name: out back (again]
oh, it's such a beautiful night
and who'd have thought
we'd still be here
to feel it

all of our plans have fallen through
and i'm out back
plottin wars against my soul

while we slave away our days
wagin revolutions
that are
sure to fail

they say that home is where our hearts are
then let's get outta here
quick to some place better

but i'm drunk so you'll have to drive
grab the boys
the animals and the photos we'll put the rest in storage
or to burn

and we'll make our getaway
head south on 35
and be in
matehuala by mornin
Track Name: from this day on
i'm only an outlaw in my mind
i only rob trains and
leave broken hearts
in my wake
when i'm drivin in my car

i'm only a lover in my head
cause i can't bring myself to love you
the way i want to
with my hands or
with my heart

i'm only a rockstar late at night
i write these songs and
i sing'em to myself and i hope and pray
that they up and
walk away

i'm only free in my past
i kick and scream like
i don't have no choice
but i know deep down inside
i'm still chartin
my own path

and i feel like far too long
i've been denyin myself
but from this day on
i won't fight what i've become
yeah i was young and wild
i was cool and bold but
now i'm growin old
the years flew by too fast
while i was livin in the past
but now i've found my open road

i'm always alone in my mind
they say that men cannot survive as islands
but i will
or at least i will
die tryin

and i'm always runnin in my dreams
i think i'm scared of
growin old and tired and not usin
all these gifts i have
in me
Track Name: #FOSTA
there's somethin bout the way she played
her voice is still ringin in my ears
i hung on every word she sang
onto every lonely chord she made

i felt like i could close my eyes
and get lost in the things she said
it was like all of the songs were mine
but they were comin outta her lips instead

i thought about her every night
and every time i touched my guitar
i'd go up to the Hall to pick
and ask about her down at the bar

then she came walkin in one night
and pulled a chair up next to mine
i asked her if she'd join my band and
she smiled at me and shook her head

well is it alright for me to say i missed you
is it strange for me to say i missed you all this time
i hope you understand i don't care about no band
i just wish i could hear you all the time

she'd text me every now and then
we'd go up to the Hall and play
and hang out back the Doublewide
and drink and talk about Gillian

she filled this lonely space in me
i didn't even know i had
i don't think that it was in my heart and
i don't think that it was in my head

i miss you waitin by your car
for me out in the parking lot
smokin your cigarette
a hand still on your guitar

i miss the way you get so real
whenever you burn it down low
i miss your soul next to mine
i was hopin that you'd sing that song with me

well is it alright for me to say i miss you
is it strange for me to say i miss you all the time
from one soul to another
not like lovers, friends, or brothers
more like porches, guitars, and wine

not like lovers, sisters, or brothers
more like voices, strings, and rhymes

like that old music Hall and good times
Track Name: lucky (just won't cut it anymore)
oh, lucky just won't cut it anymore
there are far too many of us
tryin to race along this road
i'm thinkin i should just pull off
and hit that ol dirt road
i may not make it to the front
but at least i'll be alone

oh, lucky just won't cut it anymore
there are far too many of us
tryin to reach the same damn goal
we've got to ram our heads into the wall
or get used to the floor
cause lucky just won't cut it anymore

oh, lucky just won't cut it anymore
there are far too many of us
tryin to drink at this here bar
i'll never meet the girl i need
some place i don't wanna be
i might as well skip this crowd
and grab a drink next door
cause lucky just won't cut it anymore

well, i know that it seems wrong but i think i'm right
i feel like back in my day, bae,
luck was half the fight
today we put much more into
the way shit looks and feels it's true
well, luck ain't much to drag about
but at least it's something real

oh, lucky just won't cut it anymore
Track Name: just runnin
i ain't runnin to you or no one else
just runnin, honey,from myself

baby, i was doin fine
just cruisin cool, bidin my time
goin places in my mind
when i heard your call

i grabbed my bag and hit the road
i headed west towards the state line
you're the one that got me goin
but as i went i realized

i ain't runnin to you or no one else
just runnin, honey, from myself

and as i left texas behind
the thought of your touch filled my mind
you were hidin in my heart
like a stowaway

but as the day turned into night
the sound of your voice had gone quiet
and left me there ridin alone
down some dark and lonely road

i thought i saw a light from you
but now i'm thinkin i was wrong
maybe i was drunk or stoned
but the thought kept me along

you were never there at all
i'm pretty sure the thing i saw
was a reflection of my lonely heart
shinin off the desert floor

now i sit at home and watch the screen
i drink my beer don't write nothing
but i still feel you in my heart
and most days i still hear your call
Track Name: race to arizona
i guess it's time now, mama,
to make good on the
promises we made
way back when

let's head out to arizona
find ourselves some
quiet dive where we can
slip into the crowd

and become part of the scenery
settle down and
we can both just zip around
you know i've been meanin to

pick us up a cruiser
and build us a little racer
i just need that damn 2 grand
to get the bike back to our place

and once it's here
i'll clean up the carburetor
and bead-blast the engine
and then bob off both of its fenders

i'll wrap up the pipes and
polish all the chrome
and we can ride in style
all the way home

we'll build up like no one's watchin
so we can ride it free like
alberto and che on that '39 norton
(god bless those 500 cc's)

yeah, we don't need nothin with speed
just grab your goggles and scarf
we got time, love, a new set of wheels, and our dreams
there ain't nothin else that we need

just somethin light and classy
some racin stripes in
black and white on a featherbed chassis
a two-up seat and some clubman bars

somethin with soul and style
i don't care if she draws stares
if she'll get us the miles
and get us where we're goin tonight

and once she's here
i'll clean up the cables and wires
and reset the points
and thrown on some firestone tires

i'll install those pegs
so you can hold on tight
and we can do the ton
all through the night
Track Name: post-reservation blues
i was up one morning, early on
takin nocoma nice and slow
and havin a moment
with myself

and wonderin bout the day ahead
and heaven and god
when the road lifted through my heavy lids
and i was back on the plains
headed towards nowhere

to the edge of the universe
and this sense of calm
washed over me, lord,
like a fog
or a 3-foot wave
but it came crashin down
and before i knew it, lord,
i was back in this town

and it's nothin personal
so i don't take it bad
and this sure as hell ain't
the only place that i've had
that's turned me down

yeah they can kick me out
and i'll let'em believe
that they got the best of me

aw, but they're just kiddin themselves
i'm the toughest man that these folks
have ever seen

and i ain't got no cause
and there's nothin to lose
that i ain't already lost

all i got are my hands and this pen
my words and this pad
my past and these thoughts

and i ain't no thief
i just always been poor
and i swear i ain't no soldier, man
i've just been livin a war

yeah, i do what i can
and i don't do anymore

they ain't monsters, hon,
they're men
although, the truth be told, they may be worse
i ain't seen nothin like'em

we ain't the same kind of men
we ain't brothers or friends

and it ain't just here
or there
it's everywhere

i ain't got no home, ma
i been gone for so long
it became nowhere
Track Name: those nights (when it's always night)
on the deck
out back
another home
another smoke
and what's
another night
it's always night
when i'm

and i ain't tryin
to pass the time
or stir up drama
in my life
i'm lookin for somethin
down inside
the door
the keys
but i'm

the window crack
that's sometimes there
don't exist
when i stare
i need
less time
less peace
less rhyme
less deck
less night
less smoke
more fight
ooh, i ain't tired
i'm just uninspired
where's my spark
where's my fire
it's time to retire, man

the pillow is
the only way
Track Name: walk my trail
let the mozzies eat me alive
let the mesquite burn my feet
nothin can destroy this drive
cause my heart won't be denied

nothin can stop me now
i've come too far to go back to my car
no one can slow me down
i'll run right past you wherever you are

don't expect a call from me
and i won't expect a friend
i don't mind goin it alone
i'm always alone out here in the end

oh, i've been ready for so long
i could close my eyes and know the way
i ain't sayin i ain't scared
but i don't know another way

yeah, you can go ahead and follow me
and walk my trail if you can

so send your sun/son to beat me down
let this heat keep up on me
ya ain't seen hard until you've seen my heart
i've come too far to go back to the start

yeah, you can all just walk my trail
and eat the dust i leave behind